Plant Growth Facilities (Glasshouse Complex)

Overview of Services

The Glasshouse Complex is a research and teaching facility jointly administered by the Faculty of Vet and Agricultrural Science (FVAS) and the School of Biosciences (Faculty of Science). This facility prioritises research groups from FVAS and BioSciences. Controlled environments such as Glasshouses, Growthrooms (CT rooms) and Growthcabinets can be booked. Glasshouses are shared spaces, bookings are made per unit area, Growthrooms can be booked per unit area or as a whole and Growthcabinets are booked as a single unit.


Richard Li Tim Bold
FVAS Manager Operations & Infrastructure BioSciences Facilities and Operations Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday- Friday                        


Gratten street

Parkville, Victoria, 3010

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Steve Elefteriadis
Facility Manager
Glasshouse Complex