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The Melbourne Protein Characterisation (MPC), located within the Bio21 Institute, is a diverse facility for protein production and investigating protein quality control, molecular interactions ,structural analysis and protein crystallisation. The Platform incorporates part of the Australian Cancer Research Foundation)(ACRF) Facility for Innovative Cancer Drug Discovery and forms part of the drug discovery pipeline that connects the Bio21 platforms together. In addition, Bio21-WEHI Crystallisation facility is established this year.
The MPC capabilities include: 
• Peptide synthesis and protein production (insect and mammalian cells) 
• Study of molecular binding and interactions 
• Analysis of oligomerisation and association states 
• Determination of protein size, shape and secondary structure 
• Study of heterogeneity and aggregation 
• Analysis of fluorescence and UV absorbance 
• Detection of small molecule binding 
• Analysis of X-ray diffraction-based structure for small molecule and protein
• Setting up protein crystals and crystal screening


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30 Flemington Rd
Parkville, VIC, 3052



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Yan Hong Tan
Centre Manager

Troy Attard
Platform Technology Specialist - Peptide Synthesis/Protein Interaction

Belinda Michell
Platform Technology Specialist - Protein Production/Protein Interaction

Roxanne Smith
Platform Technology Specialist - Crystallisation

David Keizer
Scientific Research Manager


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