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The Melbourne Bioresources Platform provides a service to enable researchers to achieve at the highest level while remaining fully compliant with regulatory obligations and best practice animal care and welfare. Staff and students who are competent in the handling of animals and understand their housing and care requirements, are integral to achieving a high standard of welfare. A number of training strategies are offered by the university to achieve these educational objectives. The Bioresources Platform team offers training for small animal platform users via:

  • A mandatory on-line course which must be completed before accessing a small animal bioresources facility
  • Individual and Small Group hands-on training, in small animal platform species-specific techniques that have been approved by the AEC.

For information about training in other common animal procedures or techniques that are not listed on this booking site, please contact


Gabi Panoschi Rhiannon Hall
Bioresources Facility Manager Bioresources Deputy Facility Manager
Denise Noonan Katrina Lind-Hansen
Bioresources Veterinarian Bioresources Experimental Teamleader

Location and hours of operation

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Monday to Friday         

7am to 3pm

792 Elizabeth Street

Melbourne, 3000

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