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Welcome to the UoM Research Platform Booking System iLab

What is iLab

iLab is the UoM supported booking system for effective and efficient research platform management. It enables users to search and book research equipment/services, and provides a platform for managers to administer services and analytical reporting. Its functionality includes calendars for reserving specific UoM platforms, access control for sensitive or validated equipment, time and cost-tracking against bookings and a number of other reports.

The University of Melbourne Research Infrastructure

The University of Melbourne has a strong and proud tradition of world-class research and development. We are a committed partner in diverse research efforts, both academic and commercial. Underpinning our success is cutting-edge research infrastructure, which drives innovation, promotes multidisciplinary approaches and fosters collaboration with industry and other partners.

Our research infrastructure platforms enable research that produces cultural, economic and health benefits. Our platforms cover a wide range of disciplines and technologies, from advanced microscopy to cultural informatics, and our specialist platform experts provide distinctive capabilities.
We can find or develop a solution for your specific research challenge, offer insights, suggest new ways of working and create opportunities for development and discovery. From defining the method to analysing the data, and with training options, our platform experts can work with you to achieve trusted research results.

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iLab Cores at University of Melbourne

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
BioSciences Microscopy Unit

The Biosciences Microscopy Unit provides access and training for a wide range of microscopy and sample preparation techniques. The techniques available include optical brightfield and fluorescent widefield microscopies, confocal microscopy, and scanning and transmission electron microscopies.

General Enquiries 03 8344 9828
Biological Optical Microscopy Platform

BOMP provides support to state-of-the art fluorescence microscopy applications including confocal microscopy, live cell imaging, high-content screening, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, 2-photon microscopy, lightsheet microscopy, super-resolution microscopy and image analysis.

General Enquiries 03 9035 5811
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

The Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Core offers a wide range of sophisticated analytical equipment and instrumentation as well as analytical services that can be accessed by external users. The list of equipment can be found here:

Robin Chacko 0466869837
Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility

MMSPF provides open access to state-of-the art mass spectrometry applications including gel spot analysis, large scale proteomic quantitation experiments, identify post-translational modifications, characterise intact proteins, IP of protein complexes, ICPMS, confirm a chemical synthesis, HPLC.

Nicholas Williamson 61383442206
Materials Characterisation & Fabrication Platform

The Materials Characterisation and Fabrication Platform (MCFP) supports materials science and engineering research through advanced instrumentation, analysis and characterisation.

Elena Taran
Melbourne Histology Platform

We provide researchers with high quality biological tissue preparation, processing and staining services for histology; a consulting service for experimental design; and training in histology techniques which researchers can perform using our equipment and facilities on a pay-for-use basis.

General enquiries +61383445752
Melbourne TrACEES Platform

Melbourne TrACEES Platform provides high quality chemical analysis for the identification and quantitation of trace elements, chemicals and structures on the surface of a sample, or within a complex matrix.

Alex Duan 61-3-83446485
Metabolomics Australia

Metabolomics, a powerful research tool for systematic profiling of metabolic pathways in the life sciences. MA cater to complex investigations using high-throughput analytics for specific detection, quantification of metabolites. MA works collaboratively with researchers around biological questions.

Dr Dee Tull
Plant Facilities (Glasshouse Complex)

The Plant Facilities provide controlled environments such as Glasshouses, Growthrooms (CT rooms) and Growth Cabinets. Temperature, humidity, light and in some cases CO2 control is available. This facility prioritises research groups from FVAS and BioSciences.

Steve Elefteriadis 83444360

non-iLab Cores at University of Melbourne

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext